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Can I make wine that’s as good as those bought in my local wine and liquor stores?

Yes! And you can do so at a fraction of the cost of commercially produced wines. Keep in mind that, as with any good wine, you should allow time to age your wine so that you can properly enjoy it.

Is it expensive to make my own wine?

Not at all! Most wine kits you purchase will make 30 x 750ml bottles of wines. Prices for kits will vary depending on the location where you purchase your kit and the brand and quality of the finished product. The more juice included in your kit will raise the price as will the inclusion of GenuWine winery dried grape skins & wet grape skins, etc. You can make your own wine for as low as $4.5 a bottle.

What is the process for making my own wine at a craft winemaking store? What do I do in this process?

When you make wine on-premise, you will start with choosing the type of wine you want to make and which wine kit you want to use. The options are endless, so the staff at your local craft winemaking store can help guide you through this, ensuring you choose the wine that will best suit your tastes and needs. Next, you will begin by sprinkling the yeast on the juice to begin the fermentation process. After your wine kit is started, you have no further obligations until your wine is ready to be bottled. When you return back for your bottling experience, you’ll need to sanitize your bottles, fill & cork them and applying labels and shrink caps will complete the process. All the necessary equipment is available at your craft winemaking store and experienced winemakers will assist you so you can complete the process with ease.

How long does the entire process take?

This will depend on the craft wine kit you have chosen. Kits range from 5 - 10 weeks and then you should allow for a minimum of 6 months to age the wine.

What kinds of wines are available to make?

The possibilities are endless. Choose from old world classics, like Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon to new world favourites like Malbec & Carmenere to pleasing blends of different varietals. You’ll also be able to choose from an impressive variety of fruit wines.

Can I buy kits to take home?     Kits are available if you'd like to make your wine at home.

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